Proposal for private Chef

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Proposal for a Personal Cook to Citizens of Alamo Heights

As a result of inflation especially rising gas prices in the United States, the number of married couple families with husband and wife utilized has risen in recent years. Getting home later and the overall fatigue from other days actions have decreased the number friends and family meals used in the home. More families are dining out or taking advantage of house delivery food services pertaining to survival. I recommend to provide these types of families with my solutions as a Personal Chef. I plan to travel to the client's home as often as needed, regularity will be determined by the consumer and work with my abilities as a chef to prepare dishes for their satisfaction keeping nourishment in mind. Food selection will be determined by the client either simply by selections produced from my profile of recipes or recipes of their own choosing. Typically if you have no time to cook you cannot find any time to shop. I will provide services to purchase the product utilized in these foods from distributors of their choice or my own at total reimbursement to me. These quantites will be provided to the client in a regular billing declaration which will are the receipts of every purchase. My services will be provided to clients in an hourly price of $25. 00 1 hour plus expenditures. This price is controlled by change in the event the number of diners presents at a meal changes. For example the client hosting a social gathering. My organization will be managed from my home for 9898 Colonnade Blvd. San Antonio, Tx 78230 beside me alone as owner, operator/management, and gourmet. I feel this will benefit me greatly as a result of fact that work place is not needed. I've just lately upgrade the computer with Microsoft Office which will be all that you need for billing purposes. My spouse and i plan to goal clientele in the 78209 squat code of San Antonio, Texas including Alamo Height and some of Terrell Hills. Cause being the average family income in this area is usually $84, 000 to $120, 000 or better. I feel that these citizens would be even more...



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