Prevalent Child Cover Illnesses

 Common Child Hood Health problems Essay

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Identify the signs and symptoms of common years as a child illnesses Prevalent Childhood Illnesses| Signs| Symptoms| How long the illness lasts? | Chicken Pox| Spots upon any section of the body, such as on the face, chest, behind the ears, legs and ft, a rash normally occurs initial and the locations turn to blisters| feeling sicka high temperature (fever) of 38ºC (100. 4ºF) or overaching, painful musclesheadachegenerally feeling unwellloss of appetite| 10-20 days| Whooping cough| watering eyesrunny nose| Fevernasal dischargefits of coughing then wheezy breathingpossibly vomitingfeeling generally unwell| A week| Three-day-fever (roseola infantum)| RashPale red skinSpots spread| high temperature approximately 40ºCfebrile fits| Three days| Hand, feet and mouth disease| areas and blisters on the hands feet and mouth| cold-like symptoms, hot temperature of around 38-39°C (100. 4- 102. 2°F)painful mouth ulcersabdominal painsore throatloss of appetite| 2-3 days after spots start off showing| Mumps| Swelling in the parotid glands| Swelling in the parotid glandsHeadachejoint painfeeling sickdry mouthmild abs painfeeling tireda high temperature (fever) of 38C (100. 4F), or above| Around 18 days| Common Cold| a runny nosecoughinga hoarse voice| a obstructed nosesneezingfeeling unwellmild temperature (fever) of around 38–39°C (100. 4–102. 2°F)headachemuscle painloss of taste and smellmild irritation of your eyes| 10-14 days| Measles| watery eyesred eyestiny greyish-white spotsrashdry cough| cold-like symptomssensitivity to lightpeak by over 40. 6Ctirednessaches and painspoor appetite| Lasts up to 14 days generally | Asthma| BreathlessWheezingcoughinglips or fingernails seem blue| a tight chestpulse is definitely racingfeel distressed or restless| -



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