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 Pumpkin Snacks Essay

Chapter I



Taking snack foods seems to be just one way of life for many Filipinos. The majority of commercially-available snack foods, however , are unhealthy due to their additives and preservatives.

One of the most well-known snack items are " junk foods”. Every " junk foods” are bad with regards to the consumption of computer and the sort of fats that may be in this. It is bad for a person specially when it is being used everyday and too much volume is being consumed as well. Several side effects will be lethargy, weight problems, health conditions including illnesses or perhaps diseases. Did you know foods that have too much glucose and the incorrect kinds of body fat can cause your blood vessels to thicken and narrow. That could limit the amount of blood achieving your brain and heart reducing its capacity to work properly. Well it truly isn't great for anyone and folks should do their finest to not take in it.

To cope with this situation, this kind of study aims to use pumpkin as raw material to get a nutritious, naturally flavored, and commercially satisfactory snack foods for a lot of ages, munch chips. Pumpkins are highly nutritious. It is a very good source of Vitamin C and A and in addition contains large amount of carotenoid anti-oxidants.

Objectives with the Study

Specifically, the study looks for to attain the subsequent objectives: 1 ) To find out in the event pumpkin works extremely well as raw material to make snack chips. 2 . To find out if the munch chips produced is palatable and at the same time ready-to-eat as compared to the commercially-available snacks. Statement with the Problem

The study hopes to find an alternative source of raw materials that can be converted to snack snacks without sacrificing their appearance and taste. That seeks to resolve the following concerns:

1 . Can snack chips be made by pumpkin while raw materials?

2 . Is definitely the snack potato chips made palatable and ready-to-eat as compared to the commercially-available snacks? Hypotheses

The researcher views the following ideas of the examine: 1 . Treat chips could be made from pumpkin as raw material.

2 . Snack potato chips cannot be made from pumpkin because raw material.

3. The snack chips made can be palatable and edible when compared with the commercially-available snack foods. 5. The snack chips built is certainly not palatable and edible as compared with the commercially-available snack foods.

Opportunity and Delimitation

This study will use only the type of pumpkin that is readily accessible in the community. Many trials had been done applying different preparations – in powder contact form, meat, and extract. The final products were tested for sensory analysis by 6th evaluators of mixed ages. The effects obtained had been written down. Significance in the Study

This kind of study, in the event proven possible, will ensure a healthy snack food will be dished up at inexpensive cost and it can cater to everyone, young and old alike. Definition of Terms

Antioxidants. A great antioxidant can be described as molecule able of suppressing the oxidation process of additional molecules. Oxidation process is a chemical reaction that transactions electrons from a substance to an oxidizing agent. Oxidation reactions can produce free foncier. In turn, these kinds of radicals can begin chain reactions that damage cells. Antioxidants terminate these types of chain reactions by getting rid of free major intermediates, and inhibit different oxidation reactions. Extract. A great extract is actually a substance created by extracting an integral part of a natural material, frequently by using a solvent such as ethanol or normal water. Extracts can be sold while tinctures or in powdered form.

Fast foods. Is a casual term placed on some foods that happen to be perceived to have little or no nutritional value, or to goods with vitamins and minerals but which in turn also have substances considered unhealthy when on a regular basis eaten, or those regarded unhealthy in order to at all. Pumpkin. Is a gourd-like squash in the genus Cucurbita and the relatives Cucurbitaceae (which also includes gourds). They are commonly orange or yellow and also have many creases running from the stem for the...



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