QRT2 E-Business Task 1

 QRT2 E-Business Task you Essay

QRT E-Business Process 1

A. 1Viability of Product or Service

Covet Beauty Source and Salon is a complete service salon that was founded in 2010 by simply Suzy Smith. They are situated in downtown Barstow, CA in the heart of the city. The salon gives a full line of high-end services with their clients. Curly hair, nails, skincare and massage therapy are among the list of services they offer. They also bring an array of high end beauty supply lines available in store.

When the salon first opened, the lady was able to set up a large consumers. Lately, nevertheless, she has been experiencing a slow, yet steady drop in patronage to her salon. This is thanks in part to a competitor opening just down the street from her and also because of the current economic depression.

Envy Beauty Supply and Salon has a very feasible service along with product lines available. Every girl desires to feel pretty and pampered and this business specifically provides that. However , they do not have got any on-line presence and still have done hardly any in the way of marketing. They have generally relied on word of mouth to advertise their business. This has worked fairly good in the past, but Suzy feels that now is a time to start investing a tad bit more in advertising her salon. Suzy provides consulted a friend who does web marketing and features decided it is time to create a website for her store. By having an online presence, it can give her an advantage above her competition in that none of them possess websites that belongs to them at this time. It makes sense to Suzy to broaden her business in this way, since the potential to gain more clientele is far more achieving. Suzy seems that it makes sense to go on the web because she gets realized that in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, small or big; you need to keep up with the changing landscape of electronic communication and advertising. There are several advantages to going online. For starters, it can enable clients to schedule appointments intended for services via the web. This will enable Suzy to focus more on her behalf clients requirements than being constantly disrupted with messages or calls. Secondly, it will enable Suzy to upgrade her prices for solutions and advertise specials and sales that she could possibly be offering. Third, it will permit clients to order and re-order these products that they regularly purchase from Be jealous of Beauty supply and Salon. While Suzy recognizes this is a mainly local business with regional clientele, that sending away orders might not be feasible or perhaps needed, your woman can at least ask them to packaged up and ready to go when the customers arrive for their services. This will also allow more one on one contact with the ones that may not want to utilize the services she has to offer. With advantages, come disadvantages and challenges to going online. Suzy isn't experienced in internet site design or marketing and will need to spend some funds to hire someone to create the web page for her. An additional challenge will probably be getting the web page to work for her particular needs and being able to modify it as necessary. A. two Current On the net Competitor Evaluation

Suzy has been doing some study as far as browsing competitor's websites to obtain an idea of where the market is at for her particular service as well as to get some concepts as to just how she wants to design her own website. This wounderful woman has seen quite simple designs and several a little more in depth. She would like to be someplace in between to begin. The top THREE competitors websites ranged from very simple, with minimal interaction to slightly more challenging in that visits can be scheduled, payments accepted for companies orders may be submitted for their products.

Competitor #1 webs internet site was fairly simple. No cartoon, a few clip art type pictures and a simple set of their services offered. There was clearly no pricing listed, which will forces the client to call the establishment and make requests regarding their prices. There were no mention of the any Encounter book...



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