Fast Fit Case Study

 Fast Match Case Study Essay

General Issue

1 . Indicate the main runs of goods and money in the diagram (above) and use a key or perhaps table of descriptive factors to explain the answer (i. e., more two words). [Note: you can complete the drawing in PowerPoint and then copy/paste if perhaps that is easier for you. ]

Key Symbol| Explanation

Blue: Flow of Goods| HQ sends orders towards the supplier informing them in the quantity of products that needs to be provided for the factory. When the distributor receives these kinds of orders, they then send items to the storage place. From there, the warehouse documents and directs the appropriate quantity of goods towards the store. And from the retail store, the goods are offered to the customer. | Red: Movement of Money| From the retail store, the customer can buy the items. The store will host on to the money until a certain amount has been reached, at which point, it can be sent to HQ. HQ will certainly place the money in banks or any sort of storage space. HQ will use the money brought up from the shops to pay out the dealer for the goods that they need to fill up its requests.

Customer Questions

2 . a) List the precise items of details that are usually gathered at the POS (Point of Sale terminal or perhaps cash register) and registered when a consumer checks out (excluding obtaining the identification of the client which is covered in Q3)? [list of items] a. List of items

i. Type of good acquired (Clothing, equipment, etc . ) ii. The buying price of individual very good

iii. Quantity of items bought

iv. Total amount put in during trip

v. Way of payment (Cash, debit, credit, etc . )

b) Precisely what are three significant uses of this information with the store by the store director and by headquarters management – a total of six uses? See the table below:

Role| Important Uses

Shop Manager| Can inform HQ on trending items and items that aren't selling too. | | Control over in-store inventory. Can tell HQ which in turn items are working low in the inventory and which things there are still lots of. | | Can keep track of what sport is most well-liked based on what the customers will be buying and inform HQ to fill up the shelves with more things related to that sport. | HQ| Power over inventory. Buy more of required items and fewer of items which are not selling very well. | | Can tell which in turn items to characteristic based on which sport or activity appears to be trending and put less components of less well-known sports. | | Move inventory to feature and sell more of the well-liked items during that time (for example, several sports are welcomed by different seasons).

three or more. a) What are some ways to obtain the id of the customer at the DETRAS and to connect this " identity” with increased detailed information about the customer? b) What business actions may FastFit then take relying on this more information? b. Discover table:

Ways to Obtain Information| Types of Information Obtained| Credit Card| Brand, Address, Male or female, Card Quantity

Membership/Rewards Card| Term, DOB (Age), Address, Sexuality, Card/Membership Quantity, Phone #, Email| In-store/online customer survey| Name, DOB (Age), Talk about, Gender, Phone #, Email, Customer's opinion| Business Card Raffles| Term, Customer's workplaces, Gender, Phone #, Email

c. Business actions based in information

Types of Information Obtained| Business Activities

Address/Email| Can send out advertisements and coupons to customer's homes and through email. | Gender/Age| Can tell the age and gender of the customers that visit individual stores and also overall demographics of the buyers that check out Fastfit. Based on the data, can easily distribute goods to retailers accordingly (e. g. Deliver more man teen items to shops where even more high school men visit). | Customer Opinion| Can find out what customers just like and broaden on that or can find what clients dislike and alter it. Also can find out what consumers most often look for. | Membership/Credit Card...



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