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Rich Steven Valenzuela (May 13, 1941 – February a few, 1959), known as Ritchie Valens, was a north american singer, songwriter and guitar player. A rock and roll pioneer and a forefather of the Chicano rock activity, Valens' documenting career lasted only ten months.[1] During this period, he had many hits, most notably " La Bamba", that has been originally a Mexican folk song. Valens transformed the song into one with a mountain rhythm and beat, and it became a hit in 1958,[2][3] making Valens a pioneer in the Spanish-speaking rock and roll movement.

In February a few, 1959, upon what is now known as " The Day the Music Died", Valens died in a plane crash in Grand rapids, a tragedy that likewise claimed the lives of fellow performers Buddy Holly and J. P. " The Big Bopper" Richardson, and also pilot Roger Peterson. Valens was inducted into the Stone Hall of Fame in 2001. itchie Valens was developed in Pacoima, a area in the San Fernando Area region of Los Angeles, on May 13, 1941.[4] His father and mother were Joseph Steven Valenzuela and Concepcion Reyes. Brought up hearing traditional Mexican mariachi music, flamenco guitar, R& B and jump blues, he indicated an interest to make music of his individual by the age of 5. Having been encouraged simply by his dad to take up any guitar at the age of 9 and trumpet, and this individual later educated himself the drums. 1 day, a neighbour came across Ritchie trying to play a guitar that got only two strings. He re-strung the device and trained Ritchie the fingerings of some chords. While Ritchie was left-handed, he was and so eager to learn the guitar that he mastered the traditionally right-handed version of the instrument. When he was 10, his father died in an incident. [5] Valens attended Pacoima Junior Senior high school (now Pacoima Middle School).[6] By the time he was attending jr . high school, he brought the instrument to varsity and would sing and play tunes to his friends within the bleachers.[7]

If he was of sixteen years old, having been invited to participate a local group named 'The Silhouettes' being a guitarist. Later, the main singer left the group and Ritchie presumed this position too. In addition to the performances with The Tenue, he would play solo in parties and also other social incidents. A self-taught musician, Valens was an established singer and guitarist. By his appearances, he typically improvised fresh lyrics and added new riffs to popular music while having been playing. This is certainly an aspect of his music that is not noticed in his industrial studio recordings.

Bob Keane, the owner and president of small record label Del-Fi Records in Hollywood, was given a hint in May 1958 by San Fernando High school graduation student Doug Macchia of a young artist from Pacoima by the name of Richard Valenzuela. Children knew the performer since " The limited Richard of the Valley". Keane, swayed by the Little Rich connection, attended see Valenzuela play a Saturday early morning matinée at a movie cinema in San Fernando. Thankful for the functionality, he invited Ritchie to audition at his house in the Silver precious metal Lake part of Los Angeles, in which he had a small recording studio room in his cellar. An early audio system recorder (a two-track Ampex 601-2 portable) and a couple of Neumann U-47 condenser microphones comprised it equipment.

Following this first season casting, Keane signed Ritchie to Del-Fi on May 27, 1958. At this point he took the name Ritchie because, while Keane stated, " There have been a bunch of 'Richies' around during that time, and I desired it to become different. " Similarly, it had been Keane whom decided to shorten his label to Valens from Valenzuela in order to increase his appeal.

Several tracks, that would later on be re-recorded at Platinum Star Galleries in Showmanship, were initial demoed in Keane's studio. The demos primarily contained Ritchie vocal singing and playing guitar, sometimes of them likewise featured drums. These first demos can be heard around the Del-Fi project Ritchie Valens — The Lost Coup. As well as the above mentioned demos, two of the tracks laid straight down in Keane's studio had been taken to...



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