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Inside our present day overall economy, finance is described as the provision of money at the time when it is needed. Every enterprise, whether big, medium or small , will need finance to carry on its procedures and to accomplish its goal. In fact , finance is so fundamental today and it is right said that it is lifeblood of an venture. Without adequate finance zero enterprise can possibly accomplish it is objectives. Finance may be understood to be the provision of money at the time when it is required. Finance redo to the managing of moves of money with an organization. That concerns while using applications of expertise in the manipulation, use and control money. Financial research

Financial analysis (also termed as financial declaration analysis or accounting analysis) refers to an assessment in the viability, stableness and success of a organization. It is performed by pros who prepare reports employing ratios which will make use of data taken from financial statements and also other reports. These reports are often presented to top supervision as one of their very own bases to make business decisions. * Continue or stop its primary operation or perhaps part of the business; * Make or purchase certain materials in the manufacture of its item; * Acquire or rent/lease certain machineries and gear in the production of their goods; * Issue stocks and options or work out for a loan from the bank to increase their working capital; 5. Make decisions regarding investing or loaning capital;

2. Other decisions that let management to generate an informed selection on numerous alternatives inside the conduct of its organization.

Financial analysts often measure the firm's:

1 ) Profitability -its ability to earn income and support growth in both short-term and long lasting. A provider's degree of success is usually based on the income statement, which reports on the company's benefits of procedures; 2 . Solvency - the ability to pay its requirement to lenders and other third parties in the long term; 3. Liquidity - their ability to keep positive earnings, while gratifying immediate responsibilities; Both Solvency and Fluidity are based on the company's balance sheet, signifies the personal finances of a business as of specific point in time. some. Stability- the firm's capacity to remain in organization in the long run, without needing to sustain significant losses inside the conduct of its business. Assessing a company's stableness requires the income affirmation and the balance sheet, as well as other economic and non-financial indicators. This current study should know take on the economic analysis in OUSHADHI Pharmaceutic Corporation (I. M) Kerala limited, Thrissur, Kerala.


2. To understand the financial management followed by the corporation. * To assess and translate the various financial/accounting ratios affecting the financial position and earnings. * To conduct economic statement research of Balance sheet and Earnings and Reduction account. 5. To find other areas of improvement for the better economical management of the corporation. 2. To develop strategies for improving the whole financial management system of the organization 1 . a few SCOPE IN THE STUDY

The scope of study contains understanding the ideas, principles, meaning, objectives, features and importance of financial management and monetary statement examination. The study in OUSHADHI Pharmaceutic Corporation (I. M) Kerala limited, Thrissur, Kerala, will give you adequate advice about the financial evaluation of the firm.


* The reliability and accuracy of calculation is dependent very much on the information present in the Balance Bed sheet and its dependability. * The study is based on the compilation of secondary info only. * The data is limited for eight years from 2003 to 2011; consequently the result may be applied for the selected period only.

1 . 5 INDUSTRY...

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