Rwanda- Building Materials Sector

 Rwanda- Building Materials Sector Essay


Clay ton for stone making


Roofing terminated tiles

Floors tiles






Ceramics encompass such a huge array of materials that a succinct definition is nearly impossible. Nevertheless , one convenient definition of ceramics is a refractory, inorganic and nonmetallic material. Ceramics could be divided into two classes: classic and advanced. Traditional ceramics include clay products, silicate glass and cement; although advanced ceramics consist of carbides (SiC), pure oxides (Al203), nitrides (Si3N4), non-silicate eyeglasses and many others. In OGMR eyesight, a special interest should be motivated to the traditional ceramics, specifically to clay items. Ceramics give a lot of positive aspects compared to many other materials. They are harder and firmer than stainlesss steel; more warmth and anti-corrosive than a number of other materials or polymers; significantly less dense than most of precious metals and their alloys; and their recycleables are both ample and inexpensive. Hard materials display a wide range of real estate which facilitate their use in many different item areas. In the case of valorisation of natural solutions of the country, the project wishes to pay attention to creation of ceramic production units, therefore , the sponsors‟ attention should focus on several certain clay, feldspar and kaolin deposits.

1 . The origin of the clay

Clay is a natural materials found in the earth all over the world. The clay is created from the remnants of igneous rocks which has been naturally smashed, milled and mixed with additional minerals by forces of wind, ice cubes and water erosion underneath lithostatic pressure from other rocks in the the planet crust. According to general lithology of Rwanda, 3 types of clay deposit are found: clay that results via alteration of granite stones, clays via volcanic rocks, and those coming from shale. Clay from granite rocks: There are some clay build up in Kigali, Gitarama, Butare, Rwamagana, and so forth.. In general they are really sand clays with dusts or particles of sand or real clay. The valleys happen to be relatively significant and the alleviation is lightly sloping and perhaps they are easily accessible. Clay from the scenic rocks: Lava flow by cut miles: This clay-based is of a good quality but can contain items of non deconstructed lava.


Clay from the shale: The regions of shale are generally mountainous. This is the circumstance of Kibuye, Gisenyi, Cyangugu, Gikongoro and a few parts of Kibungo region. In general the miles are fairly large apart from where the significant rivers complete (Mukungwa and Nyabarongo rivers). The area is not easily accessible. Noble clay: The " noble clays” are composed largely of kaolin which is largely the result of superficial weathering (under hot and humid climate) or hydrothermal weathering of magmatic acidulent rocks (such leucogranites) full of potassic feldspar and poor in ferromagnesian minerals. When the clay build up exist, they normally are of good quality, but loam or clayish-loam deposits. also you can find

installment payments on your General use of the clay

Humans include found applications for ceramics for the past 35, 000 years, every day new and different applications are becoming discovered. The usage of the porcelain material can be found in a very wide range of domains, such as:        Jetstream: space shuttle tiles, thermal barriers, warm glass windows, gasoline cells... Consumer uses: glassware, windows, art, tableware, ceramic tiles, home electronic devices, paints, refractory, bathtubs, washbowls... Automobile: catalytic convertors, hard filters, porcelain rotors, pressure sensors, safety glass windshields, piston bands... Medical (bio-ceramics): orthopaedic joint replacement, the prosthesis, dental restoration, bone implants... Military: air and naval vehicles, missiles... Computer: insulators, resistors, superconductors, capacitors, microelectronic packaging... Different industries: stones, cement, laboratory equipment...

a few. Possible usage of the clay in Rwanda

Bricks and tiles intended for...

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