Test Business Plan: Household furniture

 Sample Business Plan: Furniture Dissertation


Executive Summary3

History of the Company3

About the Entrepreneur4

Product and Assistance Profile4

Industry Description and Analysis5


Operational Plans7

Production Process8

Technology Employed8

Quality Assurance9

Capacity and Loan Plan10

Physical Plant/Machineries/Equipment10

Inventory Supervision and Control11

Production Schedule12

Risk Management13



The Kom-pact: Fine art Furniture, It truly is dedicated to regularly create and provide tasteful bits in small and compact designs to fit facilities living and small spaces. They are imaginative, unique and beneficial pieces such as units, desks, shelves, beds and chairs. The Company also aims to provide inexpensive pieces for folks and households who are on a tight spending budget. The company specializes in " made-to-order” furniture, and a unique type of bed room and living area furniture to become sold through local stores. The types of the products will be unique because they are of small designs, to match small places such as broadcasters and small bedroom apartment condominiums. We offer artistic movement with a contemporary feel, to fit the small independent bachelor and new parents. Our affordable designs are not bulky, and scaled down in proportion, to fit into today's apartments rentals and real estate. Our goods come in variants of 3 colors, white, grayscale maple. Different colors are available, by a masking of a plastic self-adhesive sticker. The company also uses modern day finishes, using a variety of hardware, particle panel and merged varieties of component wood parts. Our goal is to produce modern living affordable, stylish and long-lasting. BACKGROUND FROM THE COMPANY

Kom-pact: Art Household furniture is starting in the year 2012, a dealer of various household furniture, It is for yourself owned, and showroom would display the initial line of small chairs, bed frames, desks, shelves and cabinetry. Our company, is definitely has innovative and friendly staff, prepared to serve it is customers. REGARDING THE BUSINESS OWNER

Kompact Fine art Furniture a sole-proprietorship, owned or operated by Bea Espiritu, currently on a post-graduate diploma in Entrepreneurship at the De La Salle University Manila, The Business, is anticpated to be one of her dreams, to advertise her take pleasure in for Art and creating spaces. The Business will manage with 10 to 15 employees. PRODUCTS

KOMPACT presents compact and artistic modern day furniture, for individuals on a tight budget, KOMPACT aims to offer customers with appealing styles to fit little space studio room apartments and condominiums. It offers Beds, with extra storage space cabinets, Cabinets with get desks, compact shelves and chairs and desks. Besides the ready-made pieces of furniture, KOMPACT gives, " made to order” to those individuals who have specific designs and measurements for their small spread out studio homes.




(Klimt, Picasso, Kahlo)Queensize, extra Safe-keeping, pullout endtable6 Vinyl Decals, Plus white-colored and Art6, 500-12, three hundred and fifty CABINET/CLOSET3

(Klimt, Picasso, Kahlo)Twodoor, Pull outdesk, Corkboard, six Vinyl Decals, Plus white colored and Art3, 500-8, 380 SHELVES (2)3

(Klimt, Picasso, Kahlo)Key hooks, 6 Vinyl fabric Stickers, Additionally white and Art1, 080-4, 500 SOFA CHAIR3

(Klimt, Picasso, Kahlo)Holders, pullout6 Plastic Stickers, Additionally white and Art2, 800-6, 830

Number 1 (Colors)



(ART/handmade) (WHITE)


Philippines monetary development have been very fast in recent times. However , in last three decades, growth level iIncreasing seven percent especially for the Real Estate in 2010. A hard functioning service sector and large permitting from an incredible number of Filipinos working abroad enjoyed an important part in Israel economic expansion. More OFW's are buying their homeland. Industry product sales nationwide this season are approximated...

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