Science Biography Project

 Science Biography Project Composition

Phylum Porifera

Basic Characteristics

No definine symmetry

Bodies will be multicellular, with few cells and no bodily organs.

The tissues and cells surround a water packed space nevertheless there is no human body cavity. Does not have nervous system

Has a larval stage.

Are all filter feeders.

Sponges are among the earliest animals, being discovered regarding 500 million years ago!

Phylum Cnidaria


Standard Characteristics

Stay in both freshwater, and salt water.

Radial Symmetry; commonly quadramous

Diploblastic (two bacteria layers during development) –

ectoderm and endoderm

Adult body with an outer cellular level (Epidermis or perhaps

Ectodermis) and a great inner cellular layer (Gastrodermis)

with a noncellular coating (Mesoglea) among

Tissue level of organization – some particular tissues Present Possess one of a kind stinging or perhaps adhesive structures (Cnidae) seen in specialized skin cells (cnidocytes); most frequent Cnidae called nematocysts The phylum Cnidaria consists of regarding 10, 000 species of straightforward animals found only in marine demeure.

Phylum Platyhelmenthes


Basic Features

Features Bilateral proportion

The bodies of the family pets in this empire have three or more layers of tissues with organs and organelles There is a normal anxious system of materials.

Mostly create sexually while hermaphadites.

Most feast upon animals and also other smaller your life forms, as being a host. ( Can feast upon humans. ) When a single individual is definitely separated in to two parts, the parts can make into two separate worms!

Phylum Rotifia


Basic Characteristics

Bilateral Proportion

Human body has two cell levels.

Has a anxious system using a brain, and paired nerves.

Has no circulatory or respitory organs.

All live in a aquatic environment.

Usually swim free, or perhaps attached.

These kinds of small animals actually have got a belly and a anus to process foodstuff!

Phylum Nemotoda

Round Earthworms

Simple Characteristics

Bodies usually are bilateral symmetrical, and vermiform.

Has two cell layer's, tissues, and organs.

Possess a gut with a sub port anus.

The body of the roundworm is covered in a complex cuticle.

They may have no circulatory system (meaning no blood system. )

They prey on almost everything.

Live just about everywhere.

The entire body cavity is actually a pseudocoel, human body fluid underneath high pressure. Nematodes are mostly known for there destroying effects done on crops, and are rich in fresh water!

Phylum Annelidia


Standard Characteristics

Zwischenstaatlich symmetry, and vermiform.

Body provides two cell layers, tissue, and organs.

Posses a gut, mouth area and a anus.

Features three distinct sections, the prosomium, a trunk and a pygidium Nervous program with a anterior nerve ring, ganglia, and a ventral nerve cable. No authentic closed circulatory system.

Zero true repertory organs.

Prey on a wide range of materials.

Live in many environments.

A few Annelidia are hermaphadites, and posses both male and female, reproductive bodily organs!

Phylum Mollusea


Basic Attributes

Bilaterally shaped.

Has more than two cell layers, tissues and bodily organs.

The body does not have cavity.

Has a gut, mouth area, and rectum.

Possesses a open circulatory system, which has a heart, and aorta. Offers gaseous exchange organs referred to as ctenidial gills.

Possesses some kidneys.

The body is definitely momerical and highly varying in kind, may have got a dorsal or lateral forms of healthy proteins Some Mollusea don‘t even have a layer or a head!

Phylum Arthropoda



Simple Characteristics

Generally have zwei staaten betreffend symmetry.

The body has more than two cellular layers, muscle and internal organs.

The body cavity is a authentic coelom.

The majority of possess a right gut, which has a anus.

Person is divided into 2 or 3 sections.

Nervous system features a brain and a ganglia.

Ancestral Arthropods were the first terrain animals!

Phylum Enchinodermata


Basic Features

Possess five rayed proportion, mostly gigantic, some...



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