Sose 12 months 9 Term 3 Project

 Sose Season 9 Term 3 Project Essay

Sose Battle

On Lively Service

By simply

John Harold Falconer

Specialized in

" My Loved Ones at Home”

Queensland, Down under

15th April. 1916



Section IIn Sydney

PoemAnd Which Australia

Section IIOn table H. M. T Ceramie

Chapter IIIEgypt

Chapter IVInto the not known future

Part VGallipoli

PoemFor Love and Empire

Section VIOn panel S. S i9000. Canada

Section VIIFurlough camp again

Phase VIIIThe evacuation

Chapter IXOn Lemnos Tropical isle

Chapter XEgypt (continued)

Chapter XIFrance

Phase XIIModern Warfare


Phase XIIIReflections



Belgium, 15th August 1916

From this booklet We am looking to convey to my visitors some of the experience, sights and emotions, which were my lot to pass through, during the time I was sergeant in the Aussie Infantry.

My spouse and i am not or do not profess as a writer of any advantage, so I desire my readers will overlook the mistakes in composition etc and understand that this report is only designed to brighten, and in some assess bring my Father, Brother, and myself closer to our residence folk.

It is not necessarily a location of the countries my own experiences will probably be about. In fact , I don't intend stating nothing else, other than the names of the countries and some towns that i sincerely expect the caton will excuse my talking about and forget about them.



I was standing on the high cliffs one particular Saturday evening in November 1914 which surrounds the forts of South Head, Sydney Harbor, looking down at the beautiful sight associated with an 18 foot sailing competition. Intermingled with the sailing ships were motor launches, ferry boats issues way from the enjoyment resorts of Manly, Watsons Bay, The Spit etc . The sea was calm, the sunlight, bright and warm, and i also was at ease with life generally speaking. Suddenly my own attention was arrested by the shrill and continuous whistle of the sirens of a split thousand water craft coming from all sizes, together with this, the bands with the ferry motorboats struck up patriotic will be aired on, and handkerchiefs were being waved by the countless numbers. I was wakened from my personal reverie, by a crowd of my fellow comrades, who had been with me in camp at South Brain. We were inside the 38th Soldires, in which We held the rank of Sergeant. Each of our regiment was then protecting the To the south Head Capes.

After fighting some time as to the probable basis for all this excitement, our eye turned to 3 big line coming up stream. I viewed them tightly for some time after which it dawned on me personally as to their nature. These people were troopships stuffed with our very own 2nd Contingent. By this time we were holding almost opposite us and were very close in to all of us. Our regimental buglers doubled down and since the three troopships sailed calmly by, played the general praise. The cheering was noisy and extended; after my personal comrades experienced returned for their tents, I sat upon the lawn and believed. My thoughts were relatively mixed, and when I finally came to the conclusion i would enlist, my personal resolution was somewhat shattered by the reality I was just 19 years of age and that I could not get until my personal apprenticeship acquired finished and even if that fact was doubtful That i knew of that I would need to obtain my own Father's consent. Quite unsure I went up to the Clutter for tea, and then tasks took my mind off the battle and the possibility of my hiring. A few days and nights later all of us demobilized and i also returned house and I had written.

Everything gone smoothly for some weeks, when owing to my thick headedness and senselessness my apprenticeship was cracked off, that I have by no means been a scrap sorry, and I was left...



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