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Relation between your stock market and GDP

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Muhammad Zeshan


This analysis will evaluate the currency markets earnings effect on the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT growth of a developing region i. elizabeth. Pakistan. This kind of study will help to establish a relationship between stock market earnings and economic (GDP) growth of the, basically it is going to answer this kind of question, " How the stock market earnings affect the GDP? ” In this exploration, I shall apply the co the use and problem correction model to the currency markets performance and GDP and shall make an effort to segregate the role of primary coming from secondary industry and find out linkages between supplementary market and growth that may impact on GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT of Pakistan. I shall make an effort to find indicators t growth with stock market profits at the back.

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GDP is the key indicator in the economic growth of a expanding country. This kind of study will find out the linkage between the stock exchange earnings and GDP growth of Pakistan. Pakistan has struggled in the field of monetary progress as inauguration. In the the latest past ten years from 99 to 2008 it was noticed that Pakistan has viewed the top of economical progress. During this period the stock market out performed, there was a comfortable access to money around the region due to low interest rates. Pakistan attracted record foreign direct opportunities (FDI) and there was no dearth pounds involving every segment of society available. The major economical indicators with the country which includes Karachi stock exchange (KSE) touched highest at any time closing in 15, 676. 34 details on 18 April, 2008 (KSE, 2008). The important stage of concern this is that KSE was at peak when GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT growth level is at it is peak eight. 6 and it associated with overall monetary progress, thereafter as the KSE index started decreasing, the economy in general and GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT also decreased. Proof to the truth is sky high (double figured) pumpiing in the country. This trend carries on till right now. Therefore , the analysis will help to discover the entrave between stock market earnings and GDP, and recommend actions to brighten up the stock exchange earnings to enhance the overall financial health from the nation. So that it will increase the academic awareness for expense opportunities in Pakistan.

Analysis Questions as well as Statement from the Problem

one particular Are the changing stock prices positively relevant to the riches in overall economy? 2 The actual stock market profits and monetary growth incorporate some relationship together? 3 The actual stock market revenue affect the GDP growth of a rustic? Is this influence related?

Research Objective

The primary objective with this research is to determine the relationship among stock exchange earnings and GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT growth of a nation, causing improving economy and living standards of an average citizen. To find out whether the economic progress of a country is related to the stock market, or On the basis of outcomes, give the tips for the advancements in the economy.

Literature Assessment:

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