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" Riding the Plus-Size Wave”

Consumer Behavior Case Study site 230


The underlying motif within this case as well as the reasoning behind the proposed proper alternative is usually: how to improve the sales and alter the consumption habits with the target consumer market. We all describe the industry plus the company's placement within the industry the behavioral aspects of the target consumer market and its romantic relationship to this organization. After careful study of assumptive reasoning, coming from found that consumers with lower self-esteem tend to dedicate less. The strategic alternatives therefore try to enable the consumers to boost their self-pride and thus, transforming their usage behavior for shopping for Lane Bryant and Side of the road Bryant's new boutique store, Cacique. The strategic alternatives that they propose are: 1 . Implement fresh clothing lines which address the issue of differing " shapes” among women, as opposed to the traditional numerical dimension method. installment payments on your Implement a marketing strategy that will discard using the term " plus-size” and coin new terminology, such as " typical sizing”. several. Implement a two-pronged approach, running parallel programs that utilize equally new lines for shape-based sizing, as well as a marketing program employing new terms.

The Street Bryant is implementing by manufacturing fresh clothing lines that appeal to shape-based intake, as well societe of the program in more traditional methods, such as advertising and celebrity.


This situatio study explores how plus-size female consumers perceive their bodies and themselves, just how their self-esteem, body-image and self-concept, self-consciousness and cachexia may influence involvement with clothing, and just how these elements may effects their awareness of the significance of plus-size shop and garments attributes. In addition , how the aforementioned concepts component into their ingestion practices. Excess fat, big, over-weight, full-figured, big and gorgeous and crooked all have one main thing in prevalent: they are another way of saying " plus-sized”, which can be considered a derogatory term for most feminine consumers. This kind of plus-size term is the comparative for in a number of plus-size apparel term big and high, but big and tall in the USA is definitely not regarded as derogatory in addition to most scenarios is considered sexy. Plus-size is a clothing category for women size 14 or more. The term " plus-size” was first used to represent those women who were bigger or taller than the sizing average. you Over the years the word " plus-size” has received a negative notion and frame of mind toward it. However , right now there still continues to be a major requirement of plus-size outfits. " Relating to a 08 survey conducted by Mintel, a market-research firm, the most frequently put on size in the usa is a 18. Government research shows that 64 percent of yankee women will be overweight (the average female weighs 164. 7 pounds). More than a third are obese. Yet plus-size clothing (typically size 16 and above) represents only 18 percent of total revenue inside the women's clothes industry. ”


The following problems have been recognized with the Plus-Size clothing market: 1 . Too few in-store choices for plus-size ladies

2 . Not enough body shape customization

3. Bad perception and attitudes toward the category, " Plus-Size”.


We. Explain the success that Lane Bryant is currently encountering in relation to self-concept, self-esteem, and self-consciousness. How could the plus-size industry influence what we learn about consumer behavior to address self-pride issues?

Girls use outfits to express all their individualism and then let the world find out who they are that leads to an increase in self-esteem. This lack of physique customization pertaining to female consumers that leads to a reduction in their self-concept, (i. electronic., the beliefs they carry about their individual attributes and how they examine their do it yourself on...



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