stuggles of cancer survivors

 Essay on stuggles of cancer remainders


An Undergrad Thesis Presented to the teachers of the

College of Nursing, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

General Santos City

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements

For the level of Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Christine A. Cahilig

John Holly L. Demisana

Jovit Lyndon R. Pingoy

March 2014

Chapter III

Research Strategy

This chapter presents the research methodology that was employed in the study. This kind of part contained the research design, research members, and area of the research, instrumentation, info gathering procedure, data analysis tool, to provide a description on the methods that have been used in acquiring the data essential for this case analyze.

Research Style

Your research design is actually qualitative-case analyze which explore the experiences of the cancer remainders on the procedure disease, modification on way of living and your survival accomplishment throughout their experience.

Qualitative example methodology delivers tools intended for researchers to examine complex trends within their situations. When the strategy is applied correctly, it becomes a valuable means for health science research to develop theory, examine programs, and develop affluence. The purpose of this study is always to guide the analysts in identifying the key elements for developing, implementing qualitative case study research projects, enhance dealing mechanisms, also to meet all their health requires after their said encounter.

Research Location

The study will be conducted generally speaking Santos City. The researchers will execute the study in the parameters from the Halina's cafe nearby the oval plaza which the group of cancer survivors' organization is situated. The experts have chosen to conduct the study at all their organization because it is more accessible to get the research workers to gather data where the members have the same were living experiences so the researchers can focus just in one corporation specifically the breast cancer survivors and could expand the understanding towards the participants.

Participants with the Study

The chosen participants of the research workers will be the firm of the cancer of the breast survivors. You will see five cancers survivor individuals who will always be chosen.

The researcher chosen to pick this kind of criteria as a basis of choosing a participant to ensure that researchers would have specific data about the chosen study especially in regards to enhancing the coping mechanisms of the malignancy survivors.

Sample Design

The researchers have decided to use calculated sampling. Calculated Sampling is a use of a subset with the population to symbolize the whole inhabitants, handpicked being included in the testing frame primarily based from the qualities for the purpose of the study. Subjects with this study, are considered as the principal source of the needed info that could answer the affirmation of the trouble about their resided experiences since cancer remainders. Instrumentation

The researchers produce a general interview guide procedure that will serve as a formal basis in gathering needed data; this can be used in order of the sequence o questions can be interchanged by researchers utilising an audio recorder to have a keeping of the registered data through the participant.

In order for the analysts to gather the needed info from the individuals, they executed an interview alongside the identified individuals to be able to share their thoughts freely.

Info Gathering Procedure

The analysts first share letter of permission towards the selected members, asking authorization to perform the proposed study. Following an approval towards the selected individuals, the research workers then put into practice the one-on-one interview to resolve the series of questions that will aid in answering the declaration of the difficulty. After the analysts gathered the top data and utilizing the technique of colaizzi. The experts conduct a...

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