Takeoff and Landing Performance Solutions for Aircrafts

 Essay about Takeoff and Landing Performance Solutions intended for Aircrafts

Work out 6: Takeoff and Clinching Performance


Given Circumstances:


Density Altitude



Sixth is v speeds

Simply no Wind/No Incline


Takeoff ground roll distance

Harmony Field Span (BFL)

three hundred, 000 lb

5, 500 ft



Number 9. nineteen

103% Total

4000 ft

7500 foot

1 . Locate V1, V2, VR (see Figure on the lookout for. 19).

Temperature is standard. Reference Stand 2 . one particular Standard Temperatures at 5K ft is definitely 5 deg C. On the other hand, using the guideline of 2 deg C for each 1000 ft sea level gives all of us 15 degrees C; therefore , at 5000 ft the temperature is 10 degrees less or 5 degrees C. Pertaining to Density Arete Adjustment, make use of Column N.

Flaps-5 Weight 300K yields:

V1= 136 KIAS


VR = 141 KIAS

installment payments on your For a new weight of 350, 000 lb and using Desk 7. two: Summary of Useful Takeoff Proportions in Modern Aircraft Transportation Performance, find the subsequent: a) Takeoff Ground Rotate with excess weight increased to 350, 500 lb.



X2 = X1 ( )2

X2 sama dengan 4000 (

)2 sama dengan 5444 feet

b) VR (assume Rotation Speed is solely an event of booth speed). Versus


VR2 = VR1 (

) ВЅ sama dengan 141(

)1/2 = 152 KIAS

several. For a new weight of 300, 000 lb and sea level Density Arete, and using Table 7. 2 in the Lewis textbook, find the Takeoff Earth Roll.


X2 sama dengan X1 ( )2

X2 = 4000 (

)2 = 2970 ft

This kind of document originated for on the web use in ASCI 310.

Data file name: Exercise_6_Solutions

4. For a new fat of pounds 300, 500, increased breeze to 20 kts of headwind, and Denseness Altitude of 5, 000 ft, find the Takeoff Ground Spin.


(1 -


X2 sama dengan X1 (1 -


Assuming not any position errors and no compressibility errors (Slow Speed), we have to find Accurate airspeed first.

VT =


sama dengan


X2 = 4,000 (1 -

= 152 KTAS



3015 ft

five. How does an increase in Density Altitude affect V1, V2, VR, BFL? By

(1 -


X2 = X1 (1 --


Tendency Statement you: Increase in Thickness Altitude increases V 1, V2, VR, and BFL. 6. How exactly does an increase in Weight affect...



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