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Technology Transfer

also called as Transfer of Technology (TOT) and Technology Commercialization, is a process of transferring skills, know-how, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and facilities between governments or perhaps universities and also other institutions to make certain scientific and technological developments are available to a larger range of users who can then further develop and make use of the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or perhaps services. It is closely associated with (and may well arguably manifest as a subset of) knowledge transfer. Some contemplate technology copy as a means of moving appealing research matters into a standard of maturity ready for bulk developing or development. Technology brokers are folks who discovered how to bridge the disparate realms and apply scientific ideas or operations to fresh situations or circumstances. A related term, used almost synonymously, is " technology valorisation". While conceptually the practice has been utilized for several years (in historic times, Archimedes was noteworthy for applying science to practical problems), the present-day volume of research, combined with high-quality failures at Xerox CL?TURE and anywhere else[citation needed], has led to a spotlight on the procedure itself. Technology transfer is definitely the process of copying scientific conclusions from one firm to another when it comes to further advancement and commercialization. The process commonly includes: -Identifying new technologies

-Protecting systems through us patents and terme conseille

-Forming creation and commercialization strategies including marketing and license to existing private sector companies or creating fresh startup businesses based on the technology Copy process

Many businesses, universities and governmental companies now have your workplace of Technology Transfer (TTO, also known as " Tech Transfer" or " TechXfer" ) dedicated to identifying research containing potential industrial...



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