Teenage Juvenile Justice System Article

 Teen Juvenile Justice Program Essay

Byrne, В TaylorВ

Mrs. В StoeckelВ

CSUВ ExpoВ 12, В PeriodВ 2В

23В MarchВ 2015В

TeenВ JuvenileВ

InВ theВ UnitedВ StatesВ weВ have В approximatelyВ 1300В hundredВ casesВ ofВ teenВ orВ juvenileВ murderersВ thatВ haveВ beenВ sentencedВ toВ lifeВ inВ prison. В (JenniferВ Jenkins)В AfterВ aВ recentВ SupremeВ CourtВ ruling, В theВ lawВ nowВ statesВ thatВ juveniles В willВ notВ beВ triedВ asВ anВ adultВ becauseВ ofВ cruelВ andВ unusual В punishment. В InВ myВ opinionВ ifВ thisВ rulingВ standsВ weВ willВ beВ givingВ theВ greenВ lightВ toВ children В whoВ commitВ criminal offenses, В toВ continueВ withoutВ fearВ ofВ punishment. В AlthoughВ IВ agreeВ withВ theВ minority, В butВ IВ believeВ theВ lawВ needsВ toВ beВ reВ­written. В AsВ theВ lawВ standsВ nowВ itВ preventsВ theВ courtsВ toВ look В intoВ theВ familyВ andВ homeВ lifeВ ofВ theseВ teensВ asВ aВ motiveВ forВ theseВ crimes. В TheseВ teensВ toВ beВ lookedВ atВ closelyВ withВ theirВ familiesВ andВ toВ beВ understoodВ whatВ they'reВ goingВ throughВ beforeВ makingВ decisionsВ thatВ affectВ theВ restВ ofВ theirВ lifeВ atВ suchВ aВ youngВ age. В KidsВ andВ minorsВ whoВ commitВ murdersВ viciouslyВ andВ withoutВ provocationВ shouldВ beВ triedВ asВ anВ adult, В butВ IВ believeВ thatВ thisВ rulingВ shouldВ beВ rewrittenВ toВ accommodateВ specialВ circumstancesВ becauseВ inВ mostВ juvenileВ cases, В thatВ isВ whatВ youВ areВ dealingВ with. В InВ theВ articleВ " WhenВ kidsВ killВ abusiveВ parents” thereВ areВ manyВ examplesВ ofВ specialВ circumstancesВ whereВ IВ believeВ theВ lawВ isВ dysfunctionalВ whenВ itВ comesВ toВ convictingВ minors. В " TheВ lawВ isВ slowlyВ startingВ toВ changeВ andВ todaysВ youngstersВ who В slayВ abusiveВ parentsВ areВ drawingВ moreВ understandingВ fromВ aВ publicВ thatВ hasВ awakenedВ toВ theВ nationalВ nightmareВ ofВ childВ abuse”. В AВ disturbingВ statisticВ isВ thatВ youthfulВ crimeВ ratesВ haveВ remainedВ theВ sameВ sinceВ theВ 1970's, В butВ theВ

violentВ kidsВ areВ more В violentВ andВ areВ committingВ moreВ crimes, В thusВ provingВ myВ theoryВ thatВ minorsВ needВ theВ punishmentВ thatВ theyВ areВ noВ longerВ afraidВ...

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