Term Newspaper - Prospect of Export Oriented Natural leather Industry in Bangladesh

 Term Conventional paper - Prospective client of Export Oriented Household leather Industry in Bangladesh


1 . 1Origin

The honorable tutor, Professor (Dr) Khondoker Bazlul Hoque, Section of Supervision Studies, features assigned me to prepare term paper upon " Prospective client of Foreign trade Oriented Leather Industry in Bangladesh". This really is a term paper pertaining to our Program: International Business and Supervision (EM-527).

1 . 2Why chosen

As a country, we need to emphasize even more & more on each of our exports. Each of our export have been from clothing, which now is now under threat in post GATT era. So , we must focus on other export industries just like leather, pharmaceutical drugs, information technology, etc .

1 ) 3 Objectives

The objectives of this term paper are:

1 . To assess Leather industry of Bangladesh.

2 . To findout around the world leather export scenario.

3. To evaluate export possibility of our household leather industry.

1 . 4 Methodology used

Due to period constraints, generally I had to depend on extra data. Information sources that I've utilized, are: For facts, articles & statistics:

В•Current Export Coverage, Bangladesh Foreign trade Data: Foreign trade Promotion Bureau Web Site -- www.epbbd.com

В•Various World Statistics: International Control Center (ITC), Geneva Internet site - www.intracen.org

В•Indian Leather Foreign trade Data: Authorities For Leather-based Exports Website - www.leatherindia.org

В•Relevant Content in Papers & Internet

Besides, pertaining to industry info I've discussed to staff of some local natural leather goods businesses.



2 . 1 History

From since the beginning, the arts and crafts of Bangladesh happen to be closely related to our culture and heritage. Leather-based and leather-based products have been a part of that heritage and after the breakthrough of an impartial Bangladesh four decades ago, the industry received a fresh momentum. Bangladesh started exporting crust and finished natural leather in early 80's and boots and other made leather items during 90's. Export expansion in this sector is highly motivating. Export of leather and Leather products (including Footwear) earned US$217. 03 Million for Bangladesh in the monetary year the year 2003 (*Note: II). However , you may still find huge creation and growth potential for export of leather-based goods. As it is a time intensive sector, there are lots of scopes to increase export in this area.

Export By Major Products (2002-2003) Source: *Note: I

2 . 2 Sector Highlights

a. The labor-intensive leather market is suitable to Bangladesh having low-cost and considerable labor. b. Bangladesh has a domestic way to obtain good quality natural material, as hides and skins really are a by-product of large livestock industry. c. Enough government help in the form of tax getaways, duty totally free imports of raw materials and machinery for export-oriented natural leather market. deb. The sector lacks household technology and expertise and native support industrial sectors such as chemical substances are still under-developed.

installment payments on your 3 Market Outlook

There is certainly already a substantial domestic leather industry, generally export-oriented. It includes a lot of ready-made apparel, although that aspect went on mainly into a small export-trade in " Italian-make" apparel for the united states market. Shoes is more essential in terms of benefit addition. This can be the fast developing sector to get leather goods. Most of the livestock base in this production is definitely domestic which can be estimated because comprising 1 ) 8 percent of the planet's cattle share and several. 7 percent of the goat stock. The hides and skins (average annual output is 150 million sq ft. ) have an excellent international popularity. Foreign direct investment in this sector combined with the production of tanning chemical compounds appears to be remarkably rewarding. Obtaining the basic unprocessed trash for leather-based goods as well as the production of leather shoe, a large pool area of inexpensive but trainable labour force together with contract price concession facility to significant importing countries under GSP coverage, Bangladesh can be a potential off shoreline...



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