Our planet and its persons chapter seventeen

 The earth and its people phase 17 Dissertation

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Chapter 17 Study Guide- American Colonies 1530-1770

In complete sentences, answer the following questions. Page numbers are provided.

1 . For what reason were fatality rates between Amerindians so high? P. 432

2 . The fact that was the most deadly of the epidemics in the Unites states? P. 432 3. What (3) New World (Americas) foods revolutionized Aged World (Europe, Africa, Asia) agriculture? P. 432 some. What performed the horse do intended for the indigenous peoples with the Americas? S. 433-4 your five. What country occupied most of the Brazilian seacoast? P. 434

6. Just how did Amerindian people interact to the made Christianity? G. 434 six. What kind of powers would the highest-ranking Spanish representatives in the colonies have? How come? P. 435 8. What regions were included in the Viceroy of The country? P. 435 9. That which was the primary agent by which European language and culture was transmitted to Brazil and Spanish America? P. 435 10. What was the wealthiest institution in the Spanish groupe? P. 437 11. What commodities centered the economic development of imperialiste Latin America? P. 437 12. The thing that was the " mita”? p. 439

13. What performed sugar plantations in Brazil depend on? P. 439

14. Why performed sugar planters prefer Photography equipment slaves to Amerindian slaves? P. 439 15. What were Hidalgos? P. 440

16. What forms performed slave amount of resistance take? G. 444

seventeen. What was manumission and how performed a servant achieve that? L. 444 18. What were castas? Give examples. 444-5

19. Just how were the governments and economic systems of English and French colonies different than those of the Spanish and Portuguese? Why? 445 twenty. Were the English powerful in their initially efforts to establish colonies inside the Americas? Give an example. 445 21. How much of Jamestown's population died within the initial 15 years? Why? G. 446 twenty two. How do the hair trade and hunting affect the Amerindian people? P. 446 23. The thing that was indigo grown around Charleston used for? S. 447

twenty four. What was the Stono Rebellion of 1739? P. 447

25. Exactly what 3 methods...



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