The Philippine Constitution(1987)

 The Filipino Constitution1987 Composition

Group three or more






The Philippine




Bill of rights might be define as being a declaration and

enumeration of the person's correct and privileges which

the Constitution was created to protect against

violations by the government, or by simply an individual and a

restriction upon the potency of the State.

Classes of legal rights

Natural rights

Constitutional rights

Statutory privileges

Classification of constitutional privileges


Political rights


Civil legal rights


Cultural and economic rights


Rights in the accused

)State authority and individual freedom

a) Express, an instrument to promote both

individual and cultural welfare.

b) Conflict between individual privileges and group


c) Role of judiciary

Section 1 .

No individual shall be deprived of existence,

liberty, or perhaps property devoid of due procedure

of rules, nor shall any person be denied

the equal protection of the laws and regulations.

Meaning of due procedure for law.

a)Under the authority of a rules that is valid

( not contrary to the constitution or the metabolic rate


b) After conformity with fair and sensible

methods of treatment prescribed by law.

Aspects of due process law. (two-fold aspect)

1) Procedural credited process

In Judicial Proceedings.

In Administrative Proceedings.

2) Substantive due process

" Persons” constitutional provision sees all

folks within the territorial jurisdiction from the

Philippines, without regard to any difference of race,

color or Nationality, including aliens.

" Life” as guarded by credited process of regulation, means

a thing more than mere animal existence.

" Liberty” as protected by credited process of law,

denotes not only freedom coming from physical

restraint(e. g,. imprisonment).

" Prosperity”, as safeguarded by credited process of legislation,

may identifies the thing alone or to the ideal over a

What Constitutes starvation

a) Deprival of lifestyle

b) Deprivation of Liberty


Deprivation of house

Equal Protection of the laws signifies that " almost all persons to legislation must be treated alike, under like circumstances and conditions at the liberties conferred and liabilities made. ” )Reasonable classification authorized

Foreign organizations made to spend higher taxation than household


Certain professions(sumo wrestling) are restricted to persons of the male love-making:

Preference given to Filipino residents.

Different occupation are taxed at different amount.

Job to factories of underage children are restricted.

Scope in the guarantee

1) The prohibition contained in the

ensure of equivalent protection. 3 inherent

benefits of Government:

Law enforcement officials power, Taxation and Eminent


2) The ensure is available to any or all


3) It does not expand to correct which are


4) It is additionally not intended to enforce interpersonal


Section 2 .

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, � homes,  papers,  and effects against unreasonable�

searches and seizures of whatever nature and for any purpose shall be inviolable,  and no search warrant or� warrant of arrest shall issue except upon probable�

cause to be determined personally by the judge after� examination under oath or affirmation of the�

complainant and the witnesses he may produce,  and

particularly describing the place to be searched and� the persons or things to be seized.

Search Cause is a great order on paper, issued inside the

name in the People of the Philippines, signed with a judge

and directed to peacefulness officer, strong him to

search for particular personal property and bring it prior to

the court.

Warrant of Arrest can be described as written order commanding

to arrest a person chosen, taking him into guardianship in

purchase that he might bound to solution for the commission

of offense.

Scope of protection

a) Folks

b) Homes

c) Documents and effect

Requisites to get valid search warrant or perhaps warrant of


a. Must be Granted upon...



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