The Nambikwara People

 The Nambikwara People Essay

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The Nambikwara's way of life

The Nambikwara is actually a Brazilian band of indigenous people who live in the Amazon. Presently, there can be found about one particular, 200 natives of Nambikwara society living in the local territories of Mato Grosso state in Brazil. Most of Nambikwara persons live over the Juruena and Guaporé Lake. One can very easily access their very own village by using the Pan-American Highway (Kroeker 1). At first, the Nambikwara community was contacted in the year 1770. However , they did experience a delayed contact with the Europeans explorers. It was until the 20th century when Cândido Rondon, a Brazilian army standard, passed about the Nambikwara place. The B razil army official was advancing the telegraph lines when he contacted the Nambikwara community. Cândido Rondon projected the Nambikwara populace to be about 10, 1000. Soon after their contact with the European, Brazilians endemics of Smallpox and Measles minimize a path through the Nambikwara population to about 500. All this came about around 1930 (Kroeker 56). Introduction

Claude Lévi-Strauss, a French anthropologist, dedicated to the Nambikwara culture because the subject of his studies. In the book Tristes Tropiques printed in 1955, the anthropologist documents both equally his travelling and the anthropological work. The book primarily focuses on Brazil, even though it still refers to India and the Carribbean way of life. Even though the publication is more of the travelogue, the author's job instills both philosophical glare and ideas connecting many academic procedures, for instance geology, literature, background sociology. Portion 5 with the book, talks about on the various cultures of native B razil groups, for instance , Nambikwara, Caduveo also referred to as Guaycuru, Bororo and Tupi-Kawahib (Lévi-Strauss 271). Additionally , in this portion, the book focuses on numerous topics which include gender and political electricity. This conventional paper aims at providing a detail summary of what Claude Lévi-Strauss is referring to, from the Nambikwara standpoint. The paper may also describe the way the Nambikwara live their existence and give the similarities with their society to their modern way of life. Methodology

Books and journal articles provided comprehensive collection of data about the Nambikwara community. Different catalogs from several authors not simply provide a dependable source, nevertheless also assure the quality of the origin. Researchers, including Claude Lévi-Strauss have dedicated to the subject of Indigenous Brazilian areas. The publication Tristes Tropiques is the main sources of data from this research paper. The book provides a crystal clear description with the Nambikwara's way of life and attempts to relate the way of life with the modern society. Overview of Claude Lévi-Strauss tips

The author of Tristes Tropiques discusses about; the personal system of the Nambikwara, through the chief's perspective, the polygamy status plus the gender contact in the society. He further tries to associate the Nambikwara society together with the modern, or rather the contemporary, way of life. It will talk about not only three issues in respect to the Nambikwara group, nevertheless also the detail information on how the Nambikwara live all their lives. Lastly, the conventional paper will talk about the relationship involving the old and the modern life of the Nambikwara.

Lévi-Strauss has widely analyzed the political approach to the Nambikwara Indians. He considers this method as the impecunious around. Though he attempts to reform the system, he is not able to distinct personal pact in the social pact in the Nambikwara society (Gil 35). In Nambikwara group, the political power can be not genetic. For instance, when the chief: turns into sick, is unable to bear the heavy burden of the leading the community or this individual dies, he chooses a successor he wishes. These kinds of dictatorship is somewhat more evident than real (Lévi-Strauss 302). The[desktop] of exchange of personal power denies the...



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