Earth Science Evaluation Questions

 Essay about Earth Research Test Queries

1 .  What do the planet scientists analyze?  (Points: 3)

plant cellular material


farming methods


2 .  Underwater earthquakes could cause which in the following?  (Points: 3)        hurricane


asteroid impact


3.  Many scientists think that the dinosaurs disappeared since the result of which of the next?  (Points: 3)        asteroid impact

volcanic eruption



4.  Why study the planet science?  (Points: 3)

to know how plants reproduce

to reduce pollution by cars

to cure specific diseases

to predict planetary changes

five.  Which in the following accocunts for the ambiance?  (Points: 3)        water

all living things

mid-air around all of us


six.  Mountains will be part of which usually earth sphere?       (Points: 3)        hydrosphere




7.  What is the method called by which water vapor and carbon retain high temperature?       (Points: 3)        plate tectonics

continental go

radioactive corrosion

greenhouse effect

8.  What does the hydrosphere include?  (Points: 3)





on the lookout for.  What is the cryosphere?  (Points: 3)

globe's crust

smelted rock


earth's snow

10.  Which of the next is an example of how the geosphere can affect the atmosphere?  (Points: 3)        tidal wave



scenic eruption

11.  A significant concern regarding increasing global temperatures is that a large percentage of polar ice could detach and burn into the ocean. If this happened, which two spheres will interact?  (Points: 3)        geosphere and ambiance

cryosphere and biosphere

hydrosphere and atmosphere

cryosphere and hydrosphere

doze.  From what really does the ozone level protect...



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