The Power of Big Three in the Philippines

 The Power of Big Three in the Philippines Dissertation

The Power of Big Three

By: Prof. Antonio Elizabeth. Casurao, Sr.

Under the free enterprise economic climate, we shall get four standard market constructions that will identify the characteristics of a specific industry when it comes to market share, prices, products and competition. This particular debate which will take on about the four simple market structures, will start through the most cost-free enterprise marketplace to the many controlled a single. Towards the end, it will give attention to the oligopolistic market composition.

Basically, the four market structures are definitely the pure competition, oligopolistic, monopsony and monopolistic. Pure competition is seen as a market where there are many sellers and buyers. There is firm competition with this market framework where retailers can offer product or service to the industry that are competitive either in quality or price, or maybe a combination, depending on response of the buyers. Buyers on the other hand, may exert all their power by dictating the retail price. If there are numerous available services or products, buyers can pick for those with best cost offer and the best quality. Consequently a large " substitution effect” will happen, wherein the many alternate products will probably be purchased. Vendors and makers respond to that by enhancing the quality or lowering the price. The market makes under the regulation of supply and require effectively operate this structure. The prices usually are elastic as its response to the need. Businesses under this category are much easier to enter, nonetheless they should be enduring the competition. Products are the ones that are necessary basically by majority, that way of fast moving manufactured items.

The second industry structure is the oligopolistic framework. This is seen as a market wherein there are many players but you will discover only handful of who may actually have gained the major market share and their brands became a byword available in the market. This will be discussed in details listed below.

The third marketplace structure is usually monopsony. This can be characterized by an industry wherein the customer can exert power and will effectively determine the price, and that the suppliers and providers have almost no decision but to promote their products to the enterprise. In effect, a monopsonic structure tends to have one or very few purchasers that dominate among various sellers and providers. This kind of also happens when in a particular market or perhaps locality there exists only one business which markets, distributes, makes, or supplies services making use of the supplies provided by many suppliers.

An example of this is the industry with the independent power producers in whose buyer within a particular locality is only the enterprise which includes the sole require to distribute like that of MERALCO in Metro Manila and local provinces, SAMELCO of Samar, BATELCO of Batangas, CENPELCO of Pangasinan, and many more.

And the fourth market framework is monopolistic. This is seen as a a market or industry which can be denominated simply by only one enterprise in a particular locality or market offering the products or services. This is true for items that must have already been highly regulated by the government just like power, water and other goods that sources are hard to find. Monopoly is definitely the king in term of pricing.

In return, I will focus my conversation on oligopoly. As mentioned, this is certainly characterized by an industry where there are many players nevertheless there are only few whom appeared to have got gained difficulties market share and the names become a byword because market. It occurs when among these players, 60% in the market is shared by only five or less quantity of companies, plus the rest is usually shared amongst many small players. This is correct with particular worldwide regarded brands of shoes and boots and clothing, coffee retailers, fast food organizations, the case of SM Superstore, Robinsons, Natural Gold, and many other. The reason for this is certainly, during the process, couple of enterprises were able to establish a strong brand value that produced demand and popularity for its items, and the relax...



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