The Reign of Terror Essay

 The Rule of Terror Essay

BradenВ SylvesterВ


Mrs. В falhaberВ

ReignВ ofВ Terror: В whyВ isВ itВ unjustified? В

TheВ reignВ ofВ terrorВ wasВ fullВ ofВ devastation, В suffering, В andВ leftВ scarsВ thatВ canВ stillВ beВ seenВ inВ modernВ france. В TheВ terrorВ usedВ methodsВ likeВ publicВ executions, В spies, В andВ lossВ ofВ reliability. В

andВ evenВ today, В peopleВ areВ afraidВ ofВ theВ governmentВ keepingВ anВ eyeВ onВ themВ andВ watchingВ theirВ everyВ move. В

PublicВ executionsВ wereВ aВ hugeВ partВ ofВ theВ terror, В scaringВ lotsВ ofВ peopleВ intoВ followingВ theВ government'sВ laws. В andВ killedВ aВ lotВ ofВ thoseВ whoВ wereВ carelessВ enoughВ toВ talkВ againstВ theВ authorities. В theВ guillotineВ wasВ unforgivingВ andВ massacredВ peopleВ daily, В anyoneВ whoВ livedВ nearВ theВ publicВ guillotineВ couldВ tellВ youВ itВ neverВ stoppedВ untilВ theВ dayВ theВ governmentВ wasВ overthrown. В MaximilienВ Robespierre, В aВ memberВ ofВ theВ RevolutionaryВ TribunalВ andВ theВ CommitteeВ ofВ PublicВ Safety. В OnВ 25В DecemberВ 1793, В RobespierreВ stated: В " TheВ goalВ ofВ theВ constitutionalВ governmentВ isВ toВ conserveВ theВ republicНѕВ theВ aimВ ofВ theВ revolutionaryВ governmentВ isВ toВ foundВ it... В TheВ revolutionaryВ governmentВ owesВ toВ theВ goodВ citizenВ allВ theВ protectionВ ofВ theВ nationНѕВ itВ owesВ nothingВ toВ theВ enemiesВ ofВ theВ peopleВ butВ death... В TheseВ notionsВ wouldВ beВ enoughВ toВ explainВ theВ originВ andВ theВ natureВ ofВ lawsВ thatВ weВ callВ revolutionaryВ... В IfВ theВ

revolutionaryВ governmentВ mustВ beВ moreВ activeВ inВ itsВ marchВ andВ moreВ freeВ inВ hisВ movementsВ thanВ anВ ordinaryВ government, В isВ itВ forВ thatВ lessВ fairВ andВ legitimate? В NoНѕВ itВ isВ supportedВ byВ theВ mostВ holyВ ofВ allВ laws: В theВ salvationВ ofВ theВ people. ” (Greer, В Donald. )В OnВ 5В FebruaryВ 1794, В RobespierreВ stated, В moreВ succinctly, В that, В " TerrorВ isВ nothingВ elseВ thanВ rights, В prompt, В severe, В inflexible. ”(SparkNotes)В TheВ resultВ ofВ thisВ wasВ policyВ throughВ whichВ theВ stateВ usedВ violentВ repressionВ toВ crushВ resistanceВ toВ theВ government. В UnderВ controlВ ofВ theВ effectivelyВ dictatorialВ committee, В theВ conventionВ quicklyВ enactedВ moreВ legislation. В theВ...



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