The Veldt

 The Veldt Essay

Ashley Bennett

English 203

Allison Tharp



Inside the short story " The Veldt” Ray Bradbury expresses how modern technology can eliminate a family. People are trying to take away the challenges and difficulties of being a human, thus they are producing technology better and better. The " Happy Your life Home” is actually a prime example of this. The " Happy Life Home” played father and mother to these children and made all of them turn on their very own parents, and kill these people. The children in " The Veldt” started up their parents because they were going to switch off the best thing to them that has been the gardening shop. This displays how technology can be the seedling of damage.

Some technology has helped us in lots of ways, such as microscopes, electricity, and computers. Various other technology has helped, yet also impeded us like in " The Veldt. ” The house prevents and spoils the children getting into everything for them and not allowing them to do anything on their own. In one collection Peter says " …you mean I will have to link my own sneakers??!! ” (n. p. ) This shows how technology enabled the children, and the considered doing things on their own angered them. The home should not have all the blame because the parents said " But essential I thought all of us brought your house, so we wouldn't have to do anything. ” (n. s. ) Lydia and George did not want to have the burden of bathing, feeding, changing or simply just raising youngsters so they will purchased the " Completely happy Life Home” to do it for them. Because the children could not picture life with no nursery or perhaps the house that they killed their very own parents. That they know provided that they have the home they will be great, there is no use for their parents anymore and so they eliminate.

To some extent the growth of technology is a positive thing as it can enhance our lives, but when it begins to take over the easy things is obviously it makes technology seem to be bad. How Bradbury describes the " happy Lifestyle Home” it seems as if your home has become more dominate than...



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