Theoretical Framework in Nursing jobs Process - Theory Research and Analysis

 Theoretical Construction in Breastfeeding Process - Theory Evaluation and Evaluation Essay

Divino N. Isidro R. N.

Philippine Can certainly University, Magister artium in Nursing jobs

Theoretical Framework for Medical Practice – Module 5

A. Look for an example of middle-range theory. Assess it for the following (Be sure to warrant your answers):

1 . Convenance with breastfeeding standards.

installment payments on your Congruence with current medical interventions or therapeutics.

three or more. Evidence of empirical setting, study support and validity. �

4. Employ by teachers, nursing researches or nursing jobs administrators. �

5. Interpersonal relevance�

6. Transcultural relevance�

7. Contribution to nursing�

8. Results and suggestions.

The middle-range Theory of Ease and comfort by Katharine Kolcaba described the concept of comfort as existing in 3 forms (relief, ease and transcendence) and its particular inter-relationship with four diverse contexts of experience (physical, psychospiritual, sociocultural and environmental). (Kolcaba, 2003)

In 2005, the Philippine Table of Nursing created the Committee on Key Competency Requirements Development in collaboration together with the Commission about Higher Education Specialized Committee on Nursing Education with the main goal to produce the expertise standards pertaining to nursing practice in the country that may then act as a unifying framework to get nursing education, regulation and practice (, accessed 03 30, 2012). Among the 11 key parts of responsibility pertaining to nursing practice, the domain name of " quality and safe nursing care” includes advertising of basic safety and comfort and ease where Kolcaba's theory can be integrated. Comfort and ease has always been incorporated into nursing education, and Kathatine Kolcaba's theory seems straightforward yet an efficient one once caring for someone. We all know the definition of comfort and ease; what we do certainly not know may be the science as well as the concept to it and it is good that one fellow nurse has evolved a theory to guide us in offering comfort measures. Katharine Kolcaba has offered the different types and taxonomy of comfortableness has related it with our unique function which involves the holistic way.

Coziness theory was first used by Kolcaba in her study in the Guided Images (GI) audiotape for women with breast cancer under-going conservative treatment (Radiation Therapy) and yielded positive results. Hogan-Miller (1995) also approached Kolcaba in using the comfort framework in her study on immobilization of post-angiography sufferers. Other settings in breastfeeding practice where the comfort platform was used include the burn product, gynecological evaluation, hospital dispatch, medical and surgical, midwifery, hospice, long-term attention, infertility, acute care for elders, urinary incontinence, infant nursery, emergency department, psychiatry and crucial care. For each and every setting, the overall Comfort Set of questions, the primary application for convenience measurement, was revised to cope with relevant problems in other settings leading to the creation of more specific breastfeeding comfort instruments. (Kolcalba, 2003 as offered in, accessed Mar 30, 2012)


The theory's cultural and transcultural relevance is already imbedded/integrated within the taxonomic structure formulated simply by Kolcaba herself. It is regarded as expansively while two out of your four situations of encounter. Her thoughts about holism include resulted in the requirement to cover these areas of matter, making the theory universally approved and relevant.

The theory's contribution to breastfeeding couldn't end up being ignored. The idea of comfort is definitely present in this specific discipline since its inception higher than a hundred years ago. However , due to Kolcaba's efforts, the concept is now enjoying a more defined and refined position – considerable, more operative and better understood. To place it in her partner's own terms: " Should your discipline will progress as a science, you have to define your central conditions precisely so you can understand...

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