Thesis Article

Evaluating Educational Success in Student Players:

A Literature Review

Scott R. Stansbury

Department of Education and Human Providers

Villanova University or college

Edited simply by Ray Heitzmann

In the world of collegiate athletics, scholar athletes across the nation use the possibilities provided to them to end up being the future specialist athletes, teachers, coaches, and business frontrunners of our globe. But for what price to the education of these student athletes features this business atmosphere become? As Division I and II corporations continue to present scholarships and other benefits to these students, the question is whether they happen to be receiving a quality education. Studies have shown that participation in extra-curricular actions such as athletics (Hood ainsi que al., 1992) improves total student academics performance. Nevertheless , it must be observed that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has instituted numerous procedures and propositions (NCAA Split I Manual, 2003) in terms of " redshirting” athletes pertaining to academic or perhaps medical reasons. However , simply no concrete studies have been completed determine if keeping an sportsperson out of competition throughout their freshman yr, while allowing them to continue to practice with the crew (considered a great " academic redshirt”) might have positive or perhaps negative effects on the academic functionality during that first year. This kind of literature assessment includes research-based studies that evaluate the effect that athletic participation is wearing the academic overall performance of intercollegiate student players. The goal of this kind of literature review is to offer a substantial basis of factual info that would be accustomed to support a report evaluating the results that " redshirting” could have on educational performance.


Sports followers across the country are certainly not unfamiliar with the company atmosphere introduced into the regarding intercollegiate athletics. Whether it is evident in the college soccer bowl series where significant corporations attract each game, or inside the large amount of cash that the NCAA Division My spouse and i Men's Hockey Tournament pulls, the business that Division I actually college athletics has become elevates many questions in regards to the academic stability of the student players that get involved at that level, as well as the athletic program in standard. Research demonstrates participation in extra-curricular actions such as athletics improves college student academic efficiency across the board. Thus then why do we question the academic performance of student sports athletes? The point is that student players are highly scrutinized individuals about college campuses today, and many times, their very own behavior out and in of the classroom reflects on the university as a whole. Therefore , this

should be a goal to evaluate and analyze the educational performance of those high-profile individuals and decide whether or not adjustments need to be built to the academic standards set forth by each company and the NCAA. The goal of this kind of paper is always to discuss earlier literature that questions whether academic performance of the university athlete could be improved, and by what means it can be improved. The intent of this newspaper is to likewise introduce to the reader the terms of the " redshirt” and an " injury” to enhance the reader's understanding of the basis of this literature assessment and the suggested research study that would follow, responding to whether " redshirt” freshman can increase academic functionality compared to " true” freshman.

What Is a " Redshirt? ”

A " redshirt” is definitely defined by the National Collegiate Athletic Relationship Eligibility Panel as a scholar athlete who not engage in competition in different sport for just one complete educational year (August through May). An example of this would be an athlete who authorize for and attends a four-year university or college and only techniques with the group they sign up for, but does not participate in activities against exterior competition. Mainly because they do not contend in any video games outside of intersquad...

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