THIN Post graduate student Diploma In Marketing

 SLIM Content graduate Degree or diploma In Marketing Essay

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

June 2012 Evaluation

Driving Brands for Outcomes (DBR)

Particular date: 19th 06 2012

Period: 0900 Days – twelve hundred Hrs

Length: Three (03) Hrs

Total marks with this paper is definitely 100 represents. There are two parts from this question daily news. All questions simply One are compulsory. It includes a tiny case. Portion Two comes with 6 Essay Type Inquiries. Answer goal questions using this part. Instructions to candidates


State your Enrollment Number for the front cover of the solution book and each and every further paper attached to it. Your name must not look anywhere in the answer book or answer piece.

2 .

Often start giving an answer to a question over a new site.


You are told that answers should not be crafted in pencil or red pen except in drawing layouts.


Answer the questions using:

Effective set up and business presentation

Clarity of manifestation

Rational and exact arguments

Clear layouts and cases where ideal

5. Indecipherable hand writing and dialect errors will probably be penalised.


Solution all questions

Problem 01: Example

Branding Jello Crystals: Special event of 50 years by Motha

It was way back in 1920; Tiburtius Motha started importing confectionaries and jellies from the UK and advertised them to local consumers with great accomplishment. Four years later, the import constraints slapped inside the early 60s were to drastically change the course of Motha's pioneeringup-and-coming journey. Motha tried his luck at producing previously imported confectionaries locally. Their particular first item to the market was " Motha Strawberry Jelly” and it was a phenomenal success. Even today in the Sri Lankan marketplace, Motha Blood is the industry leader of set jelly category. From that point onwards, there were no turning back intended for Motha. Tropical isle wide accomplishment encouraged those to add new items to their collection. Custards, pudding mixes, diet plan jellies, topping sugars and many other were included with the product portfolio within these types of 50 years of the time. As the manufacturer grew a growing number of popular with customers, they kept asking for more recent flavours and variants. This led to the addition of newer flavours and alternatives which was to adopt the brand to new height. Motha's success contributed simply by its strong family custom in confectionary business, expertise and guarantee of unmatchable quality and continuous creativity making them one of the prominent and recognised Sri Lankan Brands within the last 50 years. They were tested by and survived several economic and social issues in the country and proved all their success. Starting at a pre 3rd party time period like a confectionary retailer, throughout 1960 and 70's growing below that countrywide economy as an entrepreneur and from 1980's onwards facing aggressive and dynamic competition under the free economic guidelines, Motha still claim the success of their products and brand. Especially after 1980's, aggressive competition began within the open monetary policies, with out further constraints international products entered the marketplace, also brought in cheaper and high quality alternatives replaced a lot of the established community products. Yet Motha successfully retained their very own market share and withheld the competition. Numerous competition entered into the relatively easy Jelly making business, imported cheaper alternatives and sometimes introducing a greater variety to their goods (ranging via

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sweets free, organic to wider flavours and so forth ) yet were unable to break into Motha's market. Lasting growth of Motha against a lot of the mushroomed opponents became clearly evident.

In 1985, Motha understood that its development needs to be maintained a professional distributor to reach a wider market. Motha's choice was one other traditional circulation giant in the Sri Lankan Market; Delmege & Firm. This was a milestone of Motha's success story now completing almost 25 years. Delmege and Motha still appreciate strong and...



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