To Kill a Mockingbird and Harry Potter Comparasin

 To Eliminate a Mockingbird and Harry Potter Comparasin Research Paper

Racism and Social Inequality: Text to Text Evaluation

To Destroy a Mockingbird is a new written in 1960 by Harper Shelter. The book addresses the void of racism and inequalities inside the social framework in the American south through the Great Depression. The novel's main protagonist is Jean Louise Finch, often known as Scout. Scout's father, Atticus Finch, is a lawyer and in the new, he defends a dark-colored man falsely accused of raping a white colored woman. The novel targets the ethnicity issues that contact form around this circumstance. Another, greater, literary work that likewise deals with comparable issues of inequality is a Harry Knitter series. The Harry Knitter series, authored by J. K Rowling, focuses on the inequalities in a imaginary world of wizards. Similar to To Kill a Mockingbird, there is a hierarchy in society depending on birth. As the white-colored people are considered to be " above” the dark community in Maycomb, " pureblood” wizards are more highly regarded in culture than " muggleborns” or perhaps " muggles”. In To Kill a Mockingbird, the legal system of the south can be shown to be extremely prejudiced in fact it is almost impossible to get a fair trial. This is displayed through Mary Robinson's circumstance not one person, except for Jem who is inexperienced anytime, believes that Tom Brown stands a probability in courtroom against a white woman. Atticus himself has no hope of earning the case so when he is asked by Search if this individual think they will win he replies, " No, honey” (Lee, 76). The legal system available is evidently shown to benefit the white people, the ones that are considered of " higher” status in society. This situation is similar to regarding the legal system of the Harry Knitter series in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The muggleborns in the wizarding globe were accumulated and persecuted. They were certainly not given a fair trial and their guilt of " robbing magic” was assumed prior to they even properly perform a hearing, " Wands only choose witches or wizards. Anyone with a witch” (Rowling,...

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