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 Ahn Doe Essay

The Happiest Asylum

The book The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do is approximately a young relatives in Vietnam who risk their lives to travel illegally to Sydney. In the middle of the ocean while using sun beating down on a jam packed fishing boat, with water supplies previously running low, more trouble arrives, a pirate dispatch. With all all their goods used, hope for survival is at their lowest. Just as everything seems lost, a German send arrives. The family actually reaches Australia safely and kindness surounds them. Anh lives with his mum, dad, brother Khoa and sister Tram in a suburb in Sydney. He is now well-known as a comedian and is have been with 3 children. There are many good examples of positive personality traits proven through Anh Do's Life. Some of these include the kindness by Anh's mom, bravery from Anh's father, forgiveness via Anh and generosity by two nuns from St Vincent de Paul.

There are numerous positive persona traits demonstrated in The Most happy Refugee simply by Anh Do. " Kindness” was one of the primary character attributes shown through the entire book. This was demonstrated by simply Anh's mother when she invited visitors to her house to live with her and her family. You can see this kind of as she's always assisting others even if she had not been in the very best position. " Mum and Dad naturally seemed to attract these people........ my own mother will hear about people with nowhere to visit and simply state ‘Send those to me'. ” (pg 45) This offer proves that she was kind since she knew how that felt to obtain no the best so the girl let persons stay with her. The way Anh's mother allows other people in her house is an example of kindness demonstrated through Anh's life.

A positive character trait that was demonstrated through the life of Anh Do was " bravery”. This was displayed by Anh's father. There are numerous moments from this autobiography in which bravery is seen by Anh's father. An evident example of this could be when he dressed up as a high- ranking communism officer for a re-education camp and freed his two...

Bibliography: The Most happy Refugee [ internet pages 45, almost eight, 28, 149-150 ] (12/6/2011, 13/6/2011)



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