water crystalization

 water crystalization Essay



To determine the percentage of water in aluminium sulphate hydrate To calculate the of crystallization for aluminum sulphate hydrate To prove that a moisturizer solution will forfeit some of it mass following heated INTRODUCTION

A hydrated salt can be described as crystallize salt molecule that may be weakly attached with a certain volume of water elements. Salt is created when an acid's anion (negative ions) and a base's cation (positive ions) are combined to generate an acid-base molecule. A salt molecule that is not guaranteed to any normal water molecules is definitely an anhydrate, and a salt molecule that is guaranteed to water molecules is a hydrated salt. In a hydrated sodium, the water substances are transforming into the crystalline structure in the salt

At present, aluminium sulphate is one of the most important salt in industry, it may obtain by heated aluminum sulphate hydrate. The uses of aluminium sulphate are 1 . employed in water refinement

2 . Employed in mordant dyeing and stamping textiles

three or more. Used to reduced the ph level of the dirt

4. Aluminium sulfate is definitely the active ingredient of some antiperspirants your five. Used as waterproofing agent and ignition in concrete. 6th. It is also used in styptic pencils, and treatment from stings and hits.:

Al2 (SO4)3 *16H2O (s) Al2 (SO4)3 (s) + 16H2O (g) Or perhaps generally,

Moisturizer salt warming anhydrous salt + water vapor


Aluminium sulphate hydrate

The crucible and lid

Bunsen burner

two Wire gauzes

Tripod stand

Electronic harmony



1 . The crucible was heated pertaining to 10 minutes to take out the pollutants 2 . The crucible was cooled and weighted, the mass was written 3. Roughly 1 g of Aluminum sulphate moisturizer was put in the crucible and weighted some. The excess weight of the hydrate was determined

a few. The crucible was heated up for five minutes with all the lid almost covered 6th. The crucible was cooled down and reweight, yhe mass is registered 7. The...



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