Internet Bullying

 Essay on Cyber Lovato

Web Bullying

By Fernando Marinero & Kasey Green

Precisely what is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the use of information

technology to repeatedly damage or harass

other people in a deliberate way.

Is It Wrong?

Although bullying is considered an old notion,

cyber lovato is fairly fresh to this day in


In an paid survey conducted 52% of

people said that yes cyber intimidation was a

problem, while the different 48% stated it

has not been.

The Debate

The people who have agree that cyber intimidation is

a significant problem admit,

 " According to the U. S. Proper rights Department, a

startlingly 43 percent of teenagers statement being

victims of lovato by mobile phone or Internet. ”

 " While technology increases, so do the opportunities intended for

bullies to strike. ”

 " By creating a law against cyber lovato, we would

be essentially extending harassment fees into

the cyber dominion. ”

The Debate (Cont. )

Then simply there are folks that don't find

cyber bullying as such a big deal. They say

that bullying has long been around

 " The difference between live harassment and online

harassment is that you are able to turn off your computer but

weight loss turn off a person which is why harassment is definitely

punishable in the real world and not online. ”

 " The only explanation cyber intimidation is such a new

occurrence is really because the online community is a new

occurrence. The good thing to do is learn how to ignore

such people and proceed, a skill that can help

immensely later on. ”

Web Bullying Example

Two young ladies were busted on intimidation

charges following your suicide of any 12

year-old girl in Florida.

 The patient, Rebecca Sedwick, had been

terrorized by approximately as many as 12-15 girls who also

bullied her for months.

 Police built arrest following one of the bullies

posted on Facebook that the girl had teased

Rebecca which she didn't care that she perished.





43% of teens aged 13 to seventeen report they have

experienced some kind of web bullying in the past


81% of youth acknowledge that lovato online is simpler to

escape with than bullying face-to-face.

For people 15-24 years of age, suicide is the third

leading cause of death�

18. 9% of students indicated that they can had selfharmed including cutting, scratching, & self-hitting

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