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Design Circumstance


Many people have a tool box, require days they are usually old, material things that don't actually fit various tools, for that reason leading to the tools winding up on the floor and on benches or even shelves. This can all be fixed, however in case you have a moderate size wood made toolbox which could fit a number of tools, that looks great and is useful. This is what I actually am aiming to make.


Style and produce a wooden tool box having a lid which could hold many different tools, which has a great build and feel to it.

Criteria to be successful:


Must have a clean and extremely smooth layering job upon it

Must have a nice feel towards the timber

The timber must have a clean lacquer and complete on it

The components of wood ought to be cleanly trapped together and there should be no gaps among pieces The handle should feel sound and truly feel ergonomic

The lid will need to fit perfectly and not demonstrate any gaps


The deal with should think solid love it isn't likely to fall off. The lid probably should not fall out and fit comfortably, but slide in and out quickly The toolbox should be able to in shape basic equipment in that such as a claw hammer The toolbox sport bike helmet should not let out any equipment when organised upside down The base of the resource should not possess any breaks


Existing Designs:




3 huge compartments

Deal with and package is very minimalistic aesthetics sensible

Handle stands apart on possibly side

Thicker wood, sound design

Weak joins- they may be only booty joints

Pieces not adhered, but nailed together

Toolbox 1 (no name)




Interesting, interesting design

Hard to make

Sides have metal covers

Features solid hair and a handles

Does not look very solid

Energy on the side are recessed

Toolbox 2 (no name)

Environmental Concerns:

This tool box will be made out of recyclable materials, as well as the entire point will be able to become thrown out in the recycling (if it becomes necessary) without a trouble.





Tenon noticed

Cut solid wood easily in a straight line

Sanding stop and numerous sandpapers

To gradually crushed stone down real wood to a incredibly smooth condition


To bang down a mill, with a small chance of lacking and low damage to the wood


To grate off wood quickly and efficiently


Used with a mill to scrape off wood


Used to quickly clamp issues for gluing etc . whilst still giving a very tight grip

Dealing saw

Utilized to cut bent lines in wood




Pine wood

Maple wood

Concept Development

Deal with Designs

Side Designs

Presentation Sketch

Style Specifications

Building Constraints

We must use the products supplied to us

If we break anything offered to all of us we must purchase a new one We may only utilize two types of wood provided to all of us

The overall elevation must be no more than 250mm extra tall and 150mm wide How big is the attributes can be no more than 350mm x 90mm

The general size has to be no larger than 350mm back button 150mm times 250mm

Cutting List


No . needed


Kind of wood

Area 1


300mm x 90mm

Maple real wood

Side two


150mm x 250mm

Pine wood



288mm x 148mm

Pine wood



150mm x 288mm

Pine wood



30mm x 300mm

Maple real wood

Project Management


Risk Identification

Dust particles inhalation

While sanding, were exposed to dirt inhalation.

Slides or trips

The may be a drip of a thing on the workshop floor, also because of all of the observed dust which will be on the floor, the workshop can become slippery and for that reason susceptible to slides. Tool hazards

Drills, saws, and disk sanders are dangerous tools and should be applied with care. Repeating strain actions

We may be sanding for a very long time, which can become quite straining on the hands and arms after having a while. Harmful substances

Solder flux can be an acidity,...



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