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Prepared by: Ang Kar Yong Up-to-date on: third March 2013

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I want to say thanks to my director, Ms. Sylvia, for the valuable advice and support she has given me inside the writing of this report. I might also like to thank her for her reassurance and guidance.

ABSTRACT This study was going to investigate which in turn aspects of drafted communication is going to take priority, and also to provide the suitable recommendations to enhance on Countrywide University of Singapore (NUS) students' created communication skills. It was wanted by NUS on 9th February 2013. The analysis was made by Eka Teaching Group, supported by Centre for English Language Communication, National University of Singapore, in the survey info. The main studies were that lots of of the participants believe inadequate written conversation skills will be the most common limitations to successful communication in their workplace, and majority of the respondents see that email writing is very important in their task. It was concluded that there is a ought to improve on the e-mail writing skills on NUS students. The recommendations are that NUS students ought to be trained upon email publishing skills to find out how to avoid a few of the common issues of email writing.

ITEMS 1 . Intro 2 . Literature Review 3. Methodology 4. Findings your five. Conclusions 6. Recommendations several. Appendices List of Figures 1 . Common limitations to effective communication 2 . Types of writing expertise and its importance 3. Frequency of different types of email messages 4. Factors contributing to efficiency of email 2 a few 4 5 1 one particular 1 two 5 six 8

1 . INTRODUCTION History This statement has been drafted because there is a need to improve the written conversation skills off National College or university of Singapore (NUS) learners before they graduate. It had been requested simply by NUS in 8th Feb . 2013. Objectives The targets of this report are to examine which areas of written interaction should take priority, and to give the appropriate advice to improve within the students' written communication expertise. Scope This kind of report looks at the various areas of communication abilities in a place of work, focusing on drafted communication, with all the emphasis on email writing abilities. Email writing skills are seen as the most important writing expertise in the workplace. It will not examines on other facets of communication expertise as they are reviewed in the various respective reports. 2 . BOOKS REVIEW The region of analysis has been commented on by various reports that are in agreement that the most common obstacles to powerful communication at work are limited written conversation skills. Yet , they have several opinions on what aspects of created communication which might be most important and practical at work. Due to the differences highlighted above, it was chose to investigate this matter focusing on the Singapore place of work and more important targeting the NUS students. 3. METHOD 188 participants were picked and selected by Hub of British Language Interaction, National School of Singapore. This NUS CELC survey is element of a offer from Temasek Foundation pertaining to the task, " Capability-Building of Curriculum Developers to get English Language Training and Professional Connection for University Faculty intended for ASEAN universities”, in which CELC is one of the eight institutions engaging. All content of this review is possessed by CELC NUS.


4. RESULTS In general, the findings mentioned that limited oral communication skills are noticed as the most common barriers to effective connection in a place of work. Referring to Number 1 . 59% of all participants believe that inadequate oral conversation skills will be barriers to effective connection in their place of work; 56. 2% of all respondents believe that it can be due to the deficiency of interpersonal abilities; and 50% of all respondents believe it was due to...



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