1 in What Ways also to What Degree Was the Professional Development coming from 1800 to 1860 one factor in the Relationship Between the Upper an The southern area of States?

 1 in What Ways also to What Level Was the Industrial Development from 1800 to 1860 one factor in the Romantic relationship Between the Upper an...

Free Response #1 About what ways also to what degree was the industrial development coming from 1800 to 1860 one factor in the marriage between the upper an southern states?

Coming from 1800 to 1860 the Northern and Southern says relationship started to be worse and ultimately led to the separation with the North and South says. Before the 1800's the North and Southern region were both equally agricultural societies. The industrial development started in the 1800's altered the north society. This changed the agricultural culture to a culture with urban cities, technical advancements, and a lack of a purpose for slavery while the the southern area of states held their gardening society. The industrial development replace the lifestyle from the common people. Before the industrial revolution house may support themselves with the facilities they had. If the industrial wave became towns became more urban. Homes became more small because of the higher populations in the urban centers. The North purchased most of their food from the Southern. While the North move to an urban world eliminating all their need for slavery then Southern region kept their agricultural world. However , It was the North who benefited from technical advancement. Only previous to the Civil Warfare, the vast majority of the railroads had been in the North, which proved to be a significant benefits during the Municipal War because the Northern soldiers could be resupplied far quicker than The southern part of troops. The South was entirely dependant on slaves, as the North was increasingly dependant on technology and Southern farms. Since the To the south remained agricultural, the technical gap involving the South plus the North was widening and having evermore notable. However , there was a downside to the North's technological advancment. More and more people relocated to the cities resulting in elevating dependance in outside foodstuff sources (mainly the South), so if the Civil War errupted, the buying price of food inside the North taken way up since the huge...



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