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Corporate Title & Control / Amount 4, Concern 4, Summertime 2007 ninety six



Elena N Pérez Carrillo*


Much of the traditional Business Law doctrine considers that Corporations has to be managed to showcase, above all, shareholders' rights. Actions in favour of non-shareholder constituencies including suppliers, customers, employees and also the Community at large can be regarded as a means of Management to increase its electric power and personal reputation. Stakeholders' hobbies can be construed as opposing Shareholders rights to obtain good revenue because of their investment. With this paper, we all argue that Investors and Stakeholders interests are compatible and the two contribute to company long term efficiency and improvement. It is even more argued it is essential to acquire a wide opinion on how to control Management actions in support of Stakeholders interests. Keywords: Shareholders, Stakeholders, Corporate Sociable Responsibility, Business Social Citizenship, Corporate Interpersonal Practices Confirming

*Universidad Santiago de Compostela

1 . Introducion

Much of the planet's public interest of the early

years of the XXIst 100 years had that origin in failures

within just Big Multinational Corporations including Enron

or Parmalat, that evidenced the fact that functioning of

certain aspects of late XXst century Company

Governance designs based on maximisation of

shareholder's interests, are not able to guarantee

sustainable progress Corporation activities1.

Corporate governance through the security of

a wider pair of interests could be regarded as an

alternative method of efficiently executing Corporate

Governance. Taking into consideration different

stakeholders' pursuits is often regarded as fairly

new in development, and Freeman is generally

reported as its milestone. However nor this idea nor

many of its methods are fresh. From a philosophical

perspective it has been related to expansion of

democratic ideas2. From a practical perspective,

you Questions considered as underlying failures include not enough control simply by auditors and other gatekeepers, director's remuneration plans, and other elements organised throughout the pivotal tips of temporary maximisation of investment and lack of business ethics. Buchholz R. A, and Rosenthal, S M " Interpersonal responsibility and Business Ethics” en Frederick RE (Ed), A Partner to

Business Ethics, Ma, Blackwell Web publishers, 2002. Sen, A On Ethics and Economics, Blackwell, Oxford, 1987.

2 Choosing shareholders' interests into consideration inside the Corporations'' decision making processes has been linked to a " democratic idea” H Hummels, " Organising Values: A

Stakeholder debate”, Record of Organization Ethics, August, Vol 17 (13) 1998, pages 1403-1419. This meaning is belittled as it is more than idealistic and utopic, discover D A Gioia, " Practicability, paradigms, and problems in stakeholder theorising”, The Academy of Management Review, Vol twenty four (2)1999, pages 228-232. Others

XIXth hundred years chocolate suppliers in The european countries

devised values codes and built model factories for the

benefit of all their workers, offered health and adult

education services and reduced the length of

doing work week. In the USA pharmaceutical such as

Merck designed Codes of conduct, which in turn

underlined the Corporation's target to provide public

wellness. These two are just a sample of Corporations'

esteem for constituents other than shareholders3.

More recently, academic and sensible interest

intended for " additional constituencies” method to

Corporations' administration has evolved in parallel

with all the critics of Corporate Governance theories

that evolve surrounding the maximisation of short-term

earnings to investors. It has busy much of

the academics functions in the last ten years. Sometimes it

shows up " hidden” behind conditions such as Company

Social Responsibility, corporate citizenship,

corporate answerability, or three-way bottom line (of


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